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To place your order for the Hummingbird helicopter, please call 407-322-9488. A purchase agreement will be completed for you to sign. A deposit is required to secure all orders. No delivery position can be reserved without receipt of deposit.

Upon receipt of your deposit, Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc. will immediately send a return receipt and list the earliest scheduled delivery date available. Please call during normal business hours to discuss any options or questions you may have regarding the kit and its delivery.


The Following Items are included:

All Documentation
Instruction manual, drawings, photographs, illustrated parts manuals, maintenance and flight manuals.

Lower Cabin/Airframe
Preformed bulkheads/ribs, pilot drilled skins, castings, and hardware.

Upper Cabin/Airframe
Preformed ribs/firewall assembled with skins and hardware. Hard points and skins preassembled and riveted in place.

Nose and Windshield
Windshield and composite nose chin windows, preformed ribs/bulkheads, instrument panel section, composite doors, and hardware.

Tail Cone
Tail cone, 4130 chrome-molly steel tail cone support, castings, stabilizers, and hardware.

Tail Rotor
Tail gearbox, Intermediate gearbox, pylon casting and tube, tail blades preassembled to hub painted and balanced, drive shaft, spline couplings, tail skid, control rods, and hardware.

Main Rotor
Main rotor head, 4130 chrome-molly steel pylon, main shaft, castings, bearings, swash plate components, preassembled main gearbox, tail drive shaft with bearings, support brackets, spline couplings and hardware.

Flight Control
Dual cyclic, dual collective, and dual pedal controls, mixing unit, tail cables, vibration dampers, brake cylinders and lines, control rods, rotor brake, electric trim, and hardware.

Fuel System
57 gallon aircraft bladder tank, gaskets, filler neck, covers, fuel quantity probe, sump assembly, fuel strainer, and hardware.

Switches, circuit breakers, wire harness, connectors, relays, navigation lights, quadrant, cables, and hardware.

Composite seats and hardware.

Composite engine cowling, upper section, ribs, brackets and hardware.

Main Rotor Blades
 Blades preassembled.

TOTAL: $152,230.00

The following items are not included: engine, landing gear, instruments, paint, upholstery, battery, crating and freight. 

See the Options page for more details.