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Engine Fuel Injected IO-540 Aircraft Engine 
Includes 300 horse power modified for the Hummingbird helicopters. Configured for 93 octane to 100ll fuels. Includes fuel injection with hot start purge valve, 4130 chrome-molly steel engine mount, elastomeric lord mount, engine cooling fan, cylinder baffles, cylinder jacket, oil cooler and composite adaptors, oil tank and mounts, dual exhaust with mufflers, driveshafting, flywheel, clutch and freewheel unit, air filter, electric fuel pump, engine driven mechanical pump, Teflon fuel hoses and fittings, oil hoses and fittings, plane power lightweight alternator, starter, vibrator, ignition harness, spark plugs, dual magnetos, oil filter. Everything required to install the IO-540 powerplant. $78,350.00


Includes main and nose wheel/brake assemblies, oleo struts front and rear, 4130 chrome-molly steel weld assemblies, all castings and hardware. $19,300.00

Quickbuild Fuselage

Assembled airframe including, windshield, nose, center instrument console, doors, tail cone and landing gear. $48,300.00


Right Rear Cabin Door Kit $1,150.00

Pre-bent Angle Kit – Factory supplied pre-bent angles $4,750.00

EFIS Glass Panel – Grand Rapids with AHRS
Includes large screen 10.4”, artificial horizon, turn & bank, altimeter, airspeed, compass, manifold pressure, fuel pressure, engine oil pressure, transmission oil pressure, engine oil temperature, voltage, EGT, CHT, FCASH drive, USB connector, EIS-6K, wiring harness and sensors. $9,300.00


Landing/Search Light $975.00

Instrument Kit
Includes the following gauges; dual tachometer, airspeed, altimeter, manifold pressure, transmission oil pressure, fuel pressure, cylinder head temperature, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, fuel quantity, volt/ampmeter. $6,715.00

Seat Belts with Inertia Reel
Three point harness with bolt on inertia reel. Available in any color. $368.00 each

100 Hour Inspection Kit $45.00

Blades Painted With Safety Colors $1,910.00

Sheet Metal Tool Kit $1045.00

Door Gas Strut Kit $275.00/per door

King Radio KY196 Com Radio $6,500.00

Garmin GTX-327 Radio $3,700.00

PMA 4000 Audio Panel $1,900.00

Garmin GNS430W GPS $9,600.00

Onboard Systems Cargo Hook $10,930.00

Columbia Shirts with the Hummingbird logo $65.00

White T-shirt with Hummingbird logo $25.00

Hummingbird Hats $25.00

Hummingbird Model
Includes your choice of paint scheme and colors. $325.00

Crating Charges $2,150.00


(Specification and Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice.)


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LS7 Engine Option Safety Blade Colors