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Engine Fuel Injected IO-540 Aircraft Engine - 300 horsepower modified for the Hummingbird helicopters. Configured for 93 octane to 100ll fuels.         $59,475.00

Engine LS7 - 300 horsepower liquid cooled V-8 with ECU.      $30,350.00

Skids - Includes four oleo struts, skids, shoes, braces, step and hardware.     $17,695.00

Quickbuild Fuselage - Assembled airframe including, windshield, nose, center instrument console, doors, tail cone and landing gear.         $46,750.00

Pre-bent Angle Kit – Factory supplied pre-bent angles        $4,750.00

EFIS Glass Panel – Grand Rapids with AHRS - Large screen 10.4”, artificial horizon, turn & bank, altimeter, airspeed, compass, manifold pressure, fuel pressure, engine oil pressure, transmission oil pressure, engine oil temperature, voltage, EGT, CHT, FCASH drive, USB connector, EIS-6K, wiring harness and sensors.          $9,300.00

Landing/Search Light                $575.00

Seat Belts with Inertia Reel - Includes pilot and three passengers.  Three point lap and shoulder harness.  Front seats have inertia reel. Available in any color.    $2,385.00 Set of four

100 Hour Inspection Kit                                                  $45.00

Blades Painted With Safety Colors                            $1,910.00

Sheet Metal Tool Kit                                                      $1045.00

Columbia Shirts with the Hummingbird logo                 $65.00

White T-shirt with Hummingbird logo                             $25.00

Hummingbird Hats                                                           $25.00

Hummingbird Model
Includes your choice of paint scheme and colors.           $325.00

Crating Charges                                                           $2,150.00


(Specification and Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice.)


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