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The Following Items are Included in the Standard Kit

Standard Kit Price: $174,900.00


Main and Tail Rotors

Flight Control

Engine Accessories

Electrical & Instruments


Not included:  Engine, instruments, paint, upholstery, battery, crating and freight
Specification and Pricing Subject To Change


Engine Price: $86,500.00

Engine Fuel Injected IO-540 Aircraft Engine

The YHIO-540 is a 320 horsepower engine built specifically for the Hummingbird helicopter by Lycoming. It is similar to the AEIO-540-D4C5 Aerobatic fuel injected Lycoming engine with internal and external modifications and electronic ignition.

The Following Items are Optional

Skid Landing Gear – Instructions and drawings to manufacture the skid landing gear. $250.00
Quickbuild – Assembled airframe including, windshield, nose, center instrument console, doors, tail cone, landing gear and stabilizers. $66,750.00
Interior Kit – Includes four seats, carpet, covered interior panels and drawings.  Your choice of colors $10,850.00
Interior Metal Panel (Templates not upholstered) – Panels and drawings  $1,835.00
Landing Light $575.00
Seat Belts with Inertia Reel – Includes pilot and three passengers.  Three point lap and shoulder harness.  Front seats have inertia reel.  Available in any color.  Set of four $2,565.00
Blades Painted With Safety Colors $1,910.00
Air-conditioning System – Includes an air condenser, evaporator/blower, evaporator integrated ducts, and 150-amp alternator. $18,500.00
Specification and Pricing Subject To Change

Quickbuild Option

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When you purchase the Quickbuild you receive a factory built fuselage and tail cone.  This includes the lower cabin, upper cabin, firewall, nose, windshields, chin windows, center console, instrument panel, tail cone, tail vertical and horizontal stabilizers, all assembled and sitting on preassembled and installed landing gear.  We perform the entire fabrication, assembly, and riveting of the Sheetmetal construction process for you.  Imagine building your own helicopter from a factory built fuselage.

Save 700 Man Hours of build time – Qualifies for 51% rule

Standard Kit                                      $174,900.00

Quickbuild (Assembly Cost)              $66,750.00

Total without engine                         $241,650.00