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There is nothing difficult about fabricating and assembling this kit helicopter.

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to be a mechanical genius to build the Hummingbird helicopter!

Build Manual

The Hummingbird helicopter kit includes a build manual that has been written using Vertical Aviation Technologies fabrication data and customer input over the years. This build manual contains fourteen sections with easy steps to follow. The instructions will refer to drawings, pictures, or other related reference material. The aft portions of the manual contain final inspection checklists, Weight & Balance & Servicing Charts.

Sample of Build Manual


The drawings are made in CAD and include:

  • Detail Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • Templates

Worried about the building time?

Construction time will be dependent on your schedule and mechanical abilities. The Hummingbird helicopter can be assembled in as little as one year of evening and weekend work. Some builders take longer, some less. What’s really important is that you set your assembly schedule to your abilities.

Making it easier for you!

Build manual & drawings are provided printed on paper. Documents are also available in electronic format.

Pre-bent angles are part of the standard kit. These pre-bent angles include angles, ribs and channels to complete Sections 1 through 5.

Lower & upper cabin skins are pre drilled to frames and bulkhead.

Components such as the main gearbox, intermediate gearbox, tail rotor and others parts are assembled by Vertical Aviation Technologies therefore only require installation and maintenance.

Hardware is identified with the part number, total amount and with the section to which it belongs.

You will only need basic mechanic tools and sheet metal tools to fabricate this helicopter. These sheet metal tools consist of rivet gun, drills, cleco’s, files, tin snips, etc. These tools are inexpensive and very helpful. The most important part of performing quality sheet metal work is possessing the proper tools.

You can always call or e-mail any questions.

Easier and for the price? Impossible!