Vertical-Aviation Technologies, INC

Hummingbird wins “Best Helicopter” at Sun ’n Fun

Sun ‘n Fun 2024 was an amazing event for the Hummingbird 300L helicopter, our customers, and future customers. The display of the Hummingbird 300L helicopter was one of the main exhibits at the show, especially with Frank McMullan and Vic Syracuse showcasing their incredible workmanship! The level of detail and customization in each helicopter was truly impressive for the thousands of visitors in attendance.

Frank and Barbara McMullan’s Hummingbird was awarded “Best Helicopter” at Sun ’n Fun 2024. Such recognition not only reflects the outstanding design and construction of the helicopter but also underscores its popularity and appeal within the aviation community. Well deserved!

The fact that the Hummingbird 300L helicopter stands out not only for its size and spaciousness but also for being a kit helicopter based on a certified design. With four seats it is certainly a class above in the kit helicopter industry. It’s clear that Vertical Aviation Technologies takes pride in offering a product that combines comfort, safety, performance, and cost. Winning top honors at two of the most prestigious air shows in the world, “Grand Champion Helicopter” at Oshkosh 2023 by Vic Syracuse and “Best Helicopter” at Sun ’n Fun 2024 by Frank McMullan is a huge achievement and a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of the Hummingbird 300L helicopter. Congratulations to Frank McMullan, Vic Syracuse, and the other Hummingbird builders who attended the show.